About NYC

National Youth Community is not for a specific group of people but it is a platform for the youth of Pakistan; without any discrimination on cast, religion, color, region or age. National Youth Community’s first priority is to bring awareness to upcoming generation and open up ways for the youth of Pakistan by guiding and facilitating them in all possible means. NYC’s fundamental agenda is to communicate with youngsters and help them to realize their abilities and talent. That’s why NYC is providing proper career counseling and will allow people to interact with the professional related to their desired professional field.

We are not only working on national or provincial level but we are enabling the young blood to become a part of this revolution. Our team members are not only working on national or provincial level but they are all over Pakistan; in every colony, university, field, industry, organization, and even in government institutes.

From last few couple of years, Pakistan is facing a very big issue of “terrorism”. Every Pakistani who is living in or out of Pakistan, wants to bring peace in our motherland but unfortunately we are still in the circles of this terrorism and violence issues. So in this situation, NYC is bringing up awareness and spreading a message of peace all over the world. By giving international scope and great platforms, NYC is also encouraging Pakistan’s young blood to speak loud and clear for themselves; for the motherland. NYC is also playing a prominent role to unite people of Pakistan on big issues like social affairs, terrorism, economic terrorism etc.


NYC is a community which has a number of sub-communities from different professional fields. People get registered at NYC to be a part of their professional community. Each community has its President, General Secretary and other members as mentioned in NYC member’s hierarchy. If someone wants to be a part of professional community, he/she only need to get registered at NYC; but if someone wants to volunteer for NYC membership then he/she will have to apply separately. He/She will be given a designation and duties to perform. His/Her promotion depends on performance report which is regularly forwarded to the NYC Board of Director by the Chairman NYC.


NYC has many objectives but the foremost important objectives are following:

  1. Career Counciling:
    If any student or person is confused about his professional career, he/she can contact NYC. NYC will not only guide him/her but also help him/her to get in contact with professionals through NYC communities.
  2. Job Opportunities:
    NYC also provides job opportunities. Companies are also registered under NYC banner. So if they need to recruit someone, NYC shares their job posts within its communities so that the relevant people can apply.
  3. Social Welfare:
    NYC urges its members to play keen role for social welfare. Therefore seminars are arranged where motivational speakers and councillors interact with NYC members. NYC also promote different social welfare project on national level.
  4. Promoting Talent and Business:
    NYC promote new talent of Pakistan and any business which needs to be promoted. Young talented Pakistanis are welcome at NYC and they are given special facilities to promote and market their business.
  5. Defending & Representing Pakistan:
    It is very important for NYC to spread awareness within young blood and defend Pakistan all over the Globe. Thats why NYC has its own Online Channel and reporters all over Pakistan.
  6. A Message of Peace:
    NYC spreads a message of peace and urges young blood to play vital role in peace keeping. For this purpose, meetings are arranged with Gov officials. Further more NYC represents the true image of Pakistan to the World.



The members of NYC will be given special facilities and support by the NYC board. Being a member of NYC means a member of a National community; a community which consist of millions of people from different regions and fields.

  • The member of NYC will be given access to NYC online channels.
  • The member of NYC media cell will be authorised to interview Gov officials, celebrities, or any person – being the representative of NYC. He will also be reporting news to NYC News Cell.
  • The member will have to report the management on regular basis.
  • The member will have to take part as a volunteer in managing events for NYC.
  • The promotion of member depends on his/her performance.
  • The member of NYC will also be given special discounts from NYC registered shopping malls, restaurants, doctors, and many others.

All members of NYC agrees to following terms and conditions.

•  NYC card or platform will not be used in any illegal activity.

•  The member of NYC and holder of NYC card shall play his/her role for peace and prosperity of Pakistan.

•  The member of  NYC shall fully support police and other security agencies and shall perform his/her duties within the state law.

•  The member of NYC will never ever support any anti-state or illegal activity.

•  If any anti-state activity is noted; the member of NYC will immediately inform NYC Central Command or Board of Directors.

•  The Chairman of NYC holds the ‘Power of Attorney” and his decision shall be considered definitive.

•  NYC Central Command holds the authority to cancel or terminate any member anytime without any notification.

•  NYC Chairman and Board of Directors are authorised to change member’s rank and allocate any rank to anyone.

•  NYC is neither a profit oriented project nor a government organisation.

•  If any NYC member is found in any illegal activity. NYC is not responsible for his/her activities. His/Her membership shall be cancelled immediately.

•  All NYC members are volunteers and they willingly join NYC.

If anyone breaches this agreement, NYC Central Command and Board of Directors hold the authority to cancel his/her membership and take legal action against him/her.


Promotion Criteria for Members


NYC Card Format