Please Note: The NYC project is under progress. We will announce once we are legally all good to start this project. Thank you for your patience.

Career Counseling

Upcoming generation has always questions in the mind regarding their professional career. NYC will guide them and fully support them and will provide them the opportunity to interact with the professionals of their desired fields.

Job Opportunities

NYC is not only capable of helping young blood to discover their skills and potential but also capable of helping them to access entrepreneurs. By using resources, NYC helps the youngsters to find suitable jobs.

Social Welfare

We all know that every society has bugs. If someone seeks any kind of help or justice, submit a case to NYC. The board will review the case and will forward it to other related authorities and try best to resolve the matter by all means.

Business Development

We love ideas! NYC is keen to help those who are willing to interact with successful businessmen. Yes we shall make that happen. NYC will also help to sell out your products online through NYC channel or promote your business.

National Youth Council is not for a specific group of people but it is a platform for the youth of Pakistan; without any discrimination on cast, religion, color, region or age. National Youth Council’s first priority is to bring awareness to upcoming generation and open up ways for the youth of Pakistan by guiding and facilitating them in all possible means. NYC’s fundamental agenda is to communicate with youngsters and help them to realize their abilities and talent. That’s why NYC is providing proper career counseling and will allow people to interact with the professional related to their desired professional field.

We are not only working on national or provincial level but we are enabling the young blood to become a part of this revolution. Our team members are not only working on national or provincial level but they are all over Pakistan; in every colony, university, field, industry, organization, and even in government institutes.

From last few couple of years, Pakistan is facing a very big issue of “terrorism”. Every Pakistani who is living in or out of Pakistan, wants to bring peace in our motherland but unfortunately we are still in the circles of this terrorism and violence issues. So in this situation, NYC is bringing up awareness and spreading a message of peace all over the world. By giving international scope and great platforms, NYC is also encouraging Pakistan’s young blood to speak loud and clear for themselves; for the motherland. NYC is also playing a prominent role to unite people of Pakistan on big issues like politics, terrorism, economic terrorism etc.

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What People Are Saying

In this globalized world marked by increasingly multi-religious and different mind-set societies, a great council can serve as an important factor of unity and peace for our country. Moreover spreading awareness is a very important factor of NYC. I know young blood is keen to get into a brighter future. Thus NYC is the ultimate platform and I am happy that we are on the right side. Lets make sure that we extract the best out of it.
Khalid Mirza Divisional Bureau Chief - AWAZ NEWS TV
I believe that it is very important to encourage youngsters towards social welfare. As president of anti-corruption & anti-narcotics association, I have realized that we cannot overcome our problems unless we spread awareness on individual level. Moreover NYC has provided the opportunity to those who are always asking “What to do? How to do?”. So I am very motivated, optimistic, and happy to be a special part of NYC.
Muhammad Tabish President - Anti-Corruption & Anti-Narcotics Association of Pakistan